Really Cool Ways You Can Decorate Your Blinds

Sometimes, you get tired of the interior decoration of your home and wish to redecorate it. If you use  blinds and want to change it but do not have much money to buy new ones, you can just redecorate and give them new looks. Most times, when people are in the process of redecorating their home, they focus on the colour of the walls, the state of the furniture and other things while not paying attention to how their windows look like. This could probably change if people start thinking about how much time they spend looking at the window in a day- the point is that they are very important too.

You might be tired of your blinds or you might be satisfied with how they look but want to rejuvenate their looks, there are few things you can do. Quick tips: make sure that you clean the blinds and that no dust is on them before you start your remodelling process because it could affect your creativity. Get rid of the dust with a feather duster or a vacuum cleaner. You can also use some sponge and water to wipe the dust off the blind. It turns out there are some Amazing Waterproof Verticals. Another thing you can do is to completely wash it since you will be removing it from the window.

Attaching Fabric To The Blind

Now that your blind is clean, the first thing you have to do is to join a fabric fragment to its surface. Doing this is not hard; you need to measure the size of the blind so you would be able to determine the size of fabric you would need to add to the blind. Make sure the fabric you are adding has extra length and width than the blind to reduce the chance of error in measurement and also make it easy to glue together.

Of course; you would also need to choose the fabric material- you can decide to go for natural or synthetic material, single colour, patterned; the choice is yours. But, you would do good to go for light materials such as cotton over heavier ones like wool or velvet because they can affect the operation of your blinds.

Then, you would need to attach the fabric to the blind. To make it easier, use spray glue or glue gun to add the glue in equal proportion around the surface of the blind. Start from the top when attaching the blind and make your way to the bottom. Make sure that you do not have any crease on the fabric or the blind. After you have attached the fabric and there is some extra, just bind them to the back of the blind and glue them off or cut them off. Wait for the glue to dry off before you had the final touches. To glue the blind properly, you should consider adding white glue because it prevents fraying.

Using Paint

You can also do one better especially if you have the time. Make the blind more appealing by adding some colour to it. This is not extremely hard or difficult but it requires some dose of creativity and innovation. First, you get some water, fabric paint and sponge.

To get simple shapes and patterns, opt for regular sponges that come in square or circle but if you want uncommon shapes, go ahead and buy sponges in the shape of flowers, animals, fruits and whatnot. You can also make them yourself.

You can paint while the blind is installed and hanging but to make the job easier, you should take it down. Immerse the sponge into the paint and promptly press it on the surface.

Ensure that you use enough colour to make the work neat. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with what lies in front of you. You can change the colour and shape as you deem fit. Also, use a matte sealant if you have no intention of rolling the blinds up and down frequently. Wait for it to dry and after, it is ready to go back to its post- the window.


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